The DroidDog Daily 3/10/2010


While we here at DroidDog strive to bring you all the latest Android news hot off the presses, sometimes that just isn’t possible. With that in mind, I bring to you the DroidDog Daily, a collection of all the news, leaks, and rumors we may have missed. Here’s what’s going on:

“Rogers Launches Samsung Galaxy Spica”
Congrats Rogers users, you can do it up Galaxy style. Via Phandroid

“Google’s Push for Better Games”
With the Game Developers Conference kicking off expect to see some cool games hitting Android before too long. Via Android Guys

“Android On Lockdown: AT&T Removes Best Parts of Android from Backflip”
I can’t believe what AT&T is doing to Android… Could it all be a part of a bigger plan? Via Android Guys

“G1 Powered ‘Truckbot’”
What do you get when you cross a G1, 30 dollars, and some robotic engineers? Awesome. Pure awesome. Via Android Guys

“On Sale Now: AT&T’s Motorola Backflip for $99″
This is old news, and yeah… If you were actually thinking about it… just look up a post or two. Via Android Guys

“Accepting Credit Cards on Your Anrdoid Phone”
Do you accept plastic? You Android phone does. Via Android Social Media

Well, there ya have it folks. How does it feel to be caught up to speed? Be sure to keep checking back here with us at DroidDog for everything Android we can get out hands on.

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Dustin Earley