The DroidDog Daily 3/5/2010

While we here at DroidDog strive to bring you all the latest Android news hot off the presses, sometimes that just isn’t possible. With that in mind, I bring to you the DroidDog Daily, a collection of all the news, leaks, and rumors we may have missed. Here’s what’s going on:

“Welcome to Hell: Destroy waves of undead zombies”
We all like zombies right? We all like video games too right? Then what are you waiting for? Via Android and Me

“Archos Android Phone tablet may be scrapped”
If you were looking forward to the Archos phone that was in the making sometime ago, you may be out of luck. Don’t worry you can still get some Archos love through their MIDs, you just won’t be calling anyone. Via IntoMobile

“Hotel of the future: Unlock your hotel door using just your iPhone, Android or Blackberry”
A firm known as OpenWays is working on a system that would allow you to use the mobile device of your choosing to unlock the door to your hotel room without ever having to check in. Sounds pretty convenient. Who likes lines anyway? Via USA Today

“Microsoft Launches Its First Android App. Yes, Google’s Platform.”
They did it with Apple, why not Android? Microsoft has launched a “tag” scanning program on the Android market, and that may just be only the beginning. Via TechCrunch

“MIPS Technologies announces free Android debug and development tools”
Developers and future developers take note. Android is growing stronger and bigger everyday, and devs want options. MIPS is here to help with that. Via Mobile Burn

“Vodafone UK discontinues sales of the HTC Magic”
This is a sad day indeed. R.I.P. Magic on Vodafone Via Androinica

“Google Android could run on netbooks with Loongson chips”
The title just about says it all. While here in the US, Loongson Linux netbooks are not exactly well known, they may be soon. The word Android seems to be getting a lot of companies some recognition these days… Via Liliputing

“It’s getting dirty out there; Adobe allows Android developers use of Photoshop, no iPhone”
Remember that whole Android users get Photoshop Mobile for free thing? Devs are going to get total access of Photoshop Mobile to use in their apps as they see fit. Oh, and when I say devs, I mean Android devs. Sorry iPhone. Via Androinica

Well, there ya have it folks. How does it feel to be caught up to speed? Be sure to keep checking back here with us at DroidDog for everything Android we can get out hands on.

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Dustin Earley