The Saturday Wrap: 03/06/10

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Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you.

DroidDog has a couple of new features to announce this week, the first of which is our own OSX Dashboard Widget. Thanks, Dan! Secondly, DroidWars is back and will be turning up every….time I have a chance to produce one.


It seems like apps were’s…at(?) once again, and we spent a fair amount of time covering them. The most interesting in terms of Market news was a little program that is currently generating the developer 13k a month. Wow. DARPA is offering a contract that could dwarf this app’s revenue, however, and I thought some silly coverage was in order.

Carlos took a look at the latest Twicca update, which includes a handy widget. He also produced a video review at the request of Devin Snipes of an app called Doodle Jump. Other than a bit of a flurry surrounding the launch of HootSuite, I think the most stirring app of the week was a 3D beast of a game called ExZeus.

Hacks & Mods

Dustin shot his first video review (nice work, Dustin!) and in it he demonstrates the 180-degree rotation in CyanogenMod. Carlos also reviewed here.

The best phone/gadget news of the week – in my book – was the unboxing of HTC’s Legend. Good grief, that is a sexy device. Next on the list would be a small Incredible leak, if it wasn’t a reiteration of the info we already knew: It’s nice.

Motorola’s HS1001 is an interesting take on Android home phones, which seems to be a trend in product development. Speaking of trends, Gigabyte added another e-reader to the mix this week. The biggest leak was that of the coming Droid and Eris 2.1 update, which we have now seen on video.

Other stuff

Alberto droped some more of his analytical skill this week, taking a look at some market statistics and the whole Apple/Google thang.

Have a nice weekend.