The Saturday Wrap: 03/13/10

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Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you.

Over this last week, we saw a small share of leaked photos, snapshots of carrier’s internal systems, and other bleeding edge news in the Android world. But that stuff gets a bit tiring sometimes, doesn’t it? I think so, and I’m leaving the buzz bits for the hyper-connected out of this week’s Wrap. There was enough material released through official channels to keep me happy anyway…

Sony Ericsson unboxed their own X10, which is good enough I suppose. But it has me wondering if this thing doesn’t still have a kink or two that need working out. Noah unboxed the Cliq XT, which I’m not all that excited about, and someone made an Android kitchen appliance that looks incredibly practical in print. That is, until you reach the price and do some math.

Get more out of what you’ve got…

All done with talking about new devices already? Ah, that feels good. I don’t know about you all, but I get tired of chasing the latest, not-so-great-est gadgets. I feel like a paparazzo, climbing over a sea of flashes to grab the same snap of the reality celeb du jor that everyone else has. You’ll have to forgive the shorter Wrap this week as a result. That’s also why we’re focusing more on getting the most of what you already have. Whether you want to spruce up your phone with a home alternative, or get more battery life, we’re working to help you understand your phone and utilize its full potential.

One of the more common, but nevertheless needed, types of content in this vein are app reviews, and you’ll be seeing more and more of them here at DroidDog. From old classics like ChompSMS to lesser-known bundles like Beautiful Widgets, we’ve got video and written reviews coming your way. So stay tuned for those and more new content at the site. Don’t worry, Carlos is still making his hack and mod vids, but we want to provide just as much content for the 1st time Android user as we do for the seasoned hacker. Stick around. I think it will be interesting.