The Saturday Wrap: 03/20/10

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You may have noticed that DroidDog eased off of the EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! over the past week. It has been kind of slow anyways, outside of lawsuit drama and Google’s entrance into the set-top box game – two stories that we chose to let pass. Don’t worry, we’re not ignoring news altogether. But we are turning our collective attention more towards the original content that makes DroidDog special, from my latest installment of DroidWars to Dustin’s review of Opera. We’ve also got new features in the works, and I’m toiling behind the scenes to bring them to you quickly without sacrificing quality. Things will be back to better than normal in no time. Did you know that you can now access the Android Market from right here at DroidDog? I told you new features were coming!

doll-i-mean-action-figureI feel like it’s been too long since I gave away something that lights up. I’m going to have to do something about that very soon. I did give away an amigurumi Android on Twitter this week. It pays to follow! While we’re on the subject of giveaways, I feel obligated to mention – before anyone else asks – that I will *not* be giving away the Sony Ericsson X10 that I recently unboxed. It’s just not mine to give away. But I will be doing one, if not more, of my questions and requests videos on it, so shoot me a question on Twitter (@PhoneDog_John) or send me a text message at 503-MOB-BARK. That’s for SMS only – no one will answer or check voice mails. Mention “X10″ in the message because I get a lot of them about different phones.


You know what I definitely haven’t missedlately? Inaccurate rumors about the Droid update to 2.1. I thought they were finished. I thought we were safe. I was wrong. When, if ever, is this thing going to be released? I say check again when Duke Nukem Forever hits shelves. On the other hand, Sprint’s update should be on track for Hero and Moment owners.

Phones and Stuff

We did catch some interesting bits on new gadgets this week, including the proliferation of the N1, the launch of Cliq XT, a heavy hint of Supersonic, and some snaps of Desire in sexy silver. We also saw a video of Slingplayer for Android, which has my ego dreaming of writing checks my body can’t cash.

Well folks, lazy Top Gun references are an indicator that the weekend is at hand and that I should be playing TopSpin Tennis with my wife on the original xbox – my first video game system in over five years. It was so worth the $50! Take care, everyone.