The Saturday Wrap: 03/27/10

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If you’ve paid any attention to tech over the last week, you know about CTIA in Las Vegas. And chances are that anyone reading this is well aware of the two biggest Android stories to come out of CTIA: HTC’s 4G EVO for Sprint, which PhoneDog got to play with, and the Samsung Galaxy S (more) which, at least in terms of graphics, should trounce the N1.

Of course there were other Android stories out of Vegas over the past seven days, like the Dell Mini 5, Kyocera Zio, and Motorola i1, but I’m pretty certain most of you would agree that EVO and Galaxy S are where ait’s at.


I started one of my questions and requests video series for the SE X10, so hit me up with ideas for content. Let’s stay away from that whole “how many colors does the hardware support?” issue, as I’ve had conflicting information from reputable sources. In other news, the X10 can be had for free (with contract and qualifying plan) in the UK, which I take as a positive sign. Maybe something similar will happen in the States? I bring it up because Sony Ericsson doesn’t exactly churn out budget devices.


In case you haven’t noticed, DroidDog is slowly getting back into the app reviews lately. I recently took a look at App Protector, and Dustin covered SMS Counter. We’ve got plenty more planned, so stay tuned.

Hacks & Mods

Carlos did a video review of Cyanogen’s update, and I have to admit that I’m torn on ROM selection. But Carlos has Cyanogen well covered, so it makes sense that I stick with MoDaCo. I’m running Alpha 19 right now, and all is well. Earlier problems with voice recognition and little glitches have all been resolved, as far as I can tell. I’ll make another MoDaCo video before too long.


We’ve been getting the usual rumors about 2.1 updates, but I’m reluctant to mention Droid. Hero and Moment users haven’t long to wait!


Alright, folks, that does it for me. But have a look at DroidDog’s latest giveaway before you go. For those of you who are wondering where the fresh DroidWars installment is at, please come back tomorrow. I’m not sure how my posting schedule will change next Tuesday when I pick up my mother-in-law – who doesn’t speak five words of English – to live with us for a month. But if any producers of reality tv programs are reading this, I’m entertaining offers.

Have a good rest of the weekend!