Your Sony Ericsson X10 questions and requests

x10It’s that time again, folks. if you have a question about the X10 that you want answered on video, or want me to demonstrate it doing something specific (i.e., bog it down, watch videos, play a certain game), @reply me on Twitter: PhoneDog_John; or send a text message to 503-MOB-BARK. That’s for text messages only; calls and voice mails will be disregarded. Also, be sure to include the phrase “X10″ in your message, or I probably won’t get to it.

I’m getting more questions and requests for these than I used to, which is great. But as a result, I probably won’t be able to hit them all. I will address the most common messages though, and will cover as many of the others as I can manage.

Part 1: Display, screen sensitivity, responsiveness, and typing. I realize I’m comparing this thing to what I consider to be the best phone available, but that’s what you asked for!

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