2.1 for hacked Moments: dare you?

Samsung-Moment-Sprint-DroidDogI realize that dabbling with cooked ROMs is an at-your-own-risk type of business, but there are a few big names out there that we all know we can trust – Cyanogen, MoDaCo, a bunch of other folks who post over at xda-developers… Flashing ROMs released by these cats is a pretty safe endeavor. But what do you do when tempted by someone who appears to be a relative newcomer? A user identified as 123321 with the account status, “Momentary Newb” posted a link with no description or explanation over at a site called sdx-developers last night, and the brave souls who decided to test the waters discovered an Android 2.1 ROM for the Samsung Moment. We know the official update is coming in the near future, but I can certainly understand that some people are sick of waiting. Sounds risky to me, but for all I know, the original poster is well known and trusted amongst the ROM cooking elite. What do you think? Is it worth the risk?

Via Android Central

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