Android Market [unofficially] hits 50,000 Apps

android_marketOn Google’s Q1 2010 Earnings call, Google officially announced that there are 38,000 apps in the Android Market.  Now, just about two weeks later, reports are trickling in that the Market has unofficially hit 50,000 apps.  All attributions point to one place: AndroLib. is a popular website used to search for apps, read reviews, and check pricing.  They aren’t the only site to offer this service.  Cyrket and doubleTwist each offer a similar service.  However, AndroLib offers something the others don’t…Stats.  You can compare apps versus games, paid versus free, total downloads, star ratings, amongst other variables.  In some cases, you can even drill down by language.  They do this by scraping and caching the data from the Market.  This is where folks are getting the 50,000+ figure.  I don’t know if this number is accurate or not, but I’m sure it’s close.  The numbers I see, when poking around is around 47,000+.  When I subscribed to AndroLib’s “New Apps and Games” RSS feed, Google reader told me there are 2,483 “posts” (apps) per week.  This may include updated apps, as well.

Here’s are some app stats from AndroLib:

  • 40% apps have less than 50 downloads
  • 42% apps (with comments) have 5-star rating
  • 60% apps are free
  • 87% apps are apps (versus games)

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