Android WePad is causing quite a stir

I don’t know if it’s more a reaction to the growing market, the sensationalism of the whole iKiller terminology, or a genuine interest in the product, but WePad videos and images are all the rage at the moment. So I thought I should post my favorites here for your viewing pleasure. Not embedded is a recent episode of Diggnation entitled “WePad: The 11″ Android Based iPad Killer,” possibly NSFW and NSFBSK because of cussin’, drinkin’, and general shenanigans. The first video below gives you a sense of how the device feels in the hand, while the second brings you a more direct experience of the software. I like the navigation and overall vibe I’m getting here, but I’m not too sure on the form factor. And considering the $600 figure that’s been tossed around, I can’t say this is something I’m ready to move on. What about you? Is WePad on your wish list? Your shopping list? What if it was, say, $350? Speak up in the comments.

Via twittown, YouTube, and Revision3