Cyanogen bringin’ 2.1 to G1 UPDATE: d/l link up!

Please make sure to read all the details before doing anything. For those of you who dare: CM5 Eclair for Dream/Magic

Oh yes. It has been done. We’ve been told for quite some time now, and I do mean quite some time, that Ol’ Faithful (G1) and the MT3G users would see Android 2.1. It looks like that wait has been shortened thanks to Android super-dev Cyanogen. So far, the only thing holding the ROM from release is size issues. It’s something that could be fixed with the DangerSPL, but I’m guessing not everyone out there would be down for that. I say if that’s what it takes, it’s well worth it. Let’s be honest now, even if these two archaic devices did see some official Eclair love, we’d still want Cyanogen to hack it up and make it… better. Be sure to follow @Cyanogen on Twitter for more updates and check out this video from @kmobs below to hold you over.

Via @Cyanogen

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