Desire: Spec’ed, Delayed, Rooted

large4The HTC Desire appears to be a hot commodity these days.  Our international readers can already pick up this device on several popular carriers.  Here in the states, it will be available on US Cellular, as announced on their Facebook page.  While none of the four major U.S. carriers are currently slated to get this device, it’s sure making a stir on the internet.

Speaking of US Cellular, yesterday they announced the specs for their version of the Desire.  Most of the specs were already known, but it’s nice to see the device packaged with an 8GB microSD card.  Here’s their Facebook Post:

Hungry for more Android info? How about a peek at some specs for the gorgeous HTC Desire including a 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen display, 5 MP camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi, GPS, Android Market and an 8 GB microSD card. How about news of a launch date around July? We’ll need to make sure our rigorous testing is complete bef…ore you can get your hands on this sweet phone. Stay tuned here for more exclusive Android updates!

While US Cellular is optimistic for a July launch, O2 fans might not have to wait quite as long.  Originally O2 was going to release the phone at the end of April.  However, yesterday they announced that they are now “aiming” for mid-May, due to “testing taking longer than hoped”.  While this may be frustrating to some (us Hero owners know your pain), I’m a fan of testing before launch…especially since there is a known issue with the Desire’s GPS.  Now-a-days it’s certainly easier to update products after they’re released.  I’d rather wait an extra month than purchase a malfunctioning product or getting a bunk update.  Here’s O2′s statement from their blog:

The HTC Desire is one of the most anticipated phones of the year and we’ve been working to make it available as soon as possible. Unfortunately the testing we carry out to make sure the phone’s ready for launch has taken longer than we had hoped, meaning we won’t be able to launch it at the end of April like we originally planned. Instead, we’re aiming to get it launched for mid-May and we’ll update this page as soon as we have an exact date.

By the time these two carriers start rolling out handsets, there will already be a root solution.  That’s right.  Paul O’Brien, of MoDaCo fame, has already cracked the Desire.  You can This is good news for Desire owners, possibly Legend and Incredible owners as well.  Here are three tweets from Mr. O’Brien:

Yes, i’ve managed to write the superuser app and su to the system partition. In case you wondered. ;-)

Right, all being well, root coming for all Desire owners tomorrow! :-) (must eat now!)

I forgot to mention the root method seems to work on the Legend too, and there’s a good chance it’ll be possible with the Incredible.

You can also follow along on XDA Developers here and here.

Well, that’s all the Desire news I have for now!

Would you want to see the Desire come to other U.S. carriers?  If so, why?

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