DROID Incredible 2GB microSD card Offer

What’s better than 8GB of storage? How about 10GB of storage?  As some others are reporting, Verizon is offering a free 2GB microSD card for the Incredible, for a limited time.

Email from Verizon:

Limited Introductory Offer (pre-orders included)

Great news! Any purchase of a Droid Incredible through 5/31 will receive a free 2GB microSD card! The Droid Incredible already comes with 8GB on-board memory for storage. With all of this memory there is loads of storage space for music, pictures, videos and more. *REMEMBER, some apps from the Android Market require a microSD card for download. Recommend that at least the free 2GB microSD be installed in the device

Note: Limit one free or discounted card per phone purchase

If you read my review  of the HTC DROID Incredible, you might have seen the part where I had some issues with apps and storage.  As it stands right now, most of the apps that I use on a regular basis don’t know how to handle the internal memory.  They look for a mounted microSD card and nothing more.  I did contact some of the developers while I had the phone.  The only response I receive was from Twidroid.  They were able to make an update their app and sent me a test version.  They’ve now released that version in the market.  Hopefully, other developers will catch on soon.

Let’s not fool ourselves.  microSD cards are cheap.  I bought my 8GB card for $20 (the price is now $17).  You can get a 2GB card for around $7.  That’s beside the point.  If a manufacturer is going to give us 8GB of internal storage, let us use it for third-party apps.  When the HTC EVO 4G was announced, Sprint hastily released a developer guide so developers could utilize the HDMI output, WiMax and the HD Video features.  Maybe internal storage is going to be part of Android 2.2, and that’s why HTC didn’t address this.  Rumor has it, they’ll be announcing Android 2.2 at Google I-O, which happens in late May.  This could also be why they’re only offering the free microSD card until 5/31.

Regardless, this is still a great phone.  I would have used my microSD anyway.  It’s nice that they’re including one.  I like data portability.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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