Game Gripper for the MotoDroid

IMG_5123If you saw part 4 of my Nexus One questions and requests post, you’ll remember what a hard time I had playing game console emulators on a device with so few buttons. The touch sensitive buttons beneath the screen could not register a tap at the same time as an on-screen button so the experience was hobbled, at best. Motorola Droid users face a different challenge: playing with QWERTY keys surrounded by other keys that feel exactly the same as those needed for game play is really hard, at least for me it is. Even when you can setup your own button assignments, fluid gameplay can be difficult.

Enter Game Gripper, a rubbery strip that lays on top of your Droid’s keyboard and maps its buttons to keys you’ve assigned. Pretty slick, if you ask me, though I would love a solution for the N1. A dock accessory, maybe? Game Gripper can be purchased here for $14.99. Check it out:

Via Android and Me

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