Google may allow Market apps to be purchased via PayPal

paypal_logoYesterday, in an informal meeting, PayPal spoke about plans to introduce in-app purchasing options for iPhone and Android.  As you may know, Google does not currently allow in-app purchases (peep the Market distribution agreement).  However, Jonathan George (of Boxcar) confirmed, with PayPal, that the iPhone library would allow in-app purchases for “physical goods and services”.  There was no mention of how this would work for Android.  This [translated] article does mention Android in-app payments, but if you jump one level deeper in the source tree, you’ll read this:

[translated via Google]

Dennis van Allemeersch, Country Manager Benelux PayPal had two important announcements: it will soon be possible in the Android Market PayPal as a payment method to use and there is a possibility to make purchases from applications. The iPhone is such a thing were possible: through in App Purchases users can make additional purchases.

My take:

1. Google will allow Market apps to be purchased via PayPal
2. iPhone developers can utilize PayPal for in-app purchasing of physical goods and services
3. Android Developers are still out of luck, with regards to in-app purchases

Back in December T-Mobile started allowing carrier billing for Market purchases.  Sprint was supposed to start this too.  However, I haven’t seen this as an option.  I believe it requires Android 1.6+, with the new Market, for it to be possible.

What would be your preferred billing method? Google Checkout, PayPal, Carrier, Other?

Source: TheNextWeb
Via: John W.

P.S. I’m going to keep this in the big bucket of ‘unconfirmed’ until I see an official press release from PayPal

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