HTC fixes Desire’s GPS issues for Telstra

desireupdateTHIS is what I like to see.  Customers complain about an issue.  Company admits to the issue.  Company fixes issue.  Seems pretty straight forward, but some companies don’t react quite as quickly as HTC and Telstra did.

Just a few days ago, we reported that HTC and Telstra identified a software issue with the GPS on the HTC Desire and “aim to rectify this issue in the shortest possible timeframe”.  Today they are rectifying said issue.  The update will be pushed over-the-air or you can download it from HTC’s Australian support site (PC only).  The update WILL delete all data on the phone (apps, contacts, etc), so be sure to back everything up to SD or the cloud.

In addition to the fix, HTC announced that they’ve included a “bonus” feature.  Voice Search will now be available to Desire users.  I’m not sure if this is a “bonus” feature or a “we forgot to include this in the original ROM…our bad” feature.

Source: HTC

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