HTC to ship 50% more devices in Q2

htc_quietlyYesterday, HTC announced that they will increase device shipments by nearly 50% in Q2, from 3.3m to 4.5m.  They also expect to increase revenues from (about) $1.2b to $1.6b.  HTC CFO, Cheng Hui-ming, said that these numbers reflect the growth of the Android platform in the US and Europe.  He goes on to indicate that their ability to refresh their product line quicker than their competitors is an advantage.

While the outlook is good, Cheng did mention that smartphone prices are dropping.  Their top-of-the-line phones used to sell for $349 (after carrier subsidization).  Now they sell for $199.

It’ll be interesting to see if manufacturers can maintain profits as the price wars heat up and competition increases.

Source: Financial Times
Via: Engadget

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