HTC uploads four Desire Videos

If there’s one thing that HTC knows how to do well, other than creating amazing phones, it’s creating an amazing video. Last night, they uploaded four “closer look” videos for the HTC Desire. Most of the info is already known, but presented in a very sexy way. One thing I didn’t know was when you have Polite Ringer activated, you can just turn the phone over to silence it. It’s just as easy to hit the volume button, but it’s more flashy to flip the phone in front of your friends. Also, there were some folks asking if the Incredible has Remote Wipe for Exchange. This is included on the Desire. I would imagine this is included on all phones with the new Sense interface. I could be wrong. In fact, it seems like a lot of this information could pertain to the Legend and Incredible.

If this is a glimpse of things to come, for us Hero owners, then I’m kinda pumped. I just hope they don’t skimp out on a bunch of features.

I’ve included the existing Desire “introduction” and “first look” videos as well.