ICD Gemini seeks to dominate tablet market

EDIT: This post may seem to come from left field, but I am really sick of the animosity brewing towards Apple amongst Android fanatics. So tired.

Perhaps the vocal minority is dramatically influencing the way I perceive our readers, but if I had to guess, a lot of you are sick of hearing about the iPad. Again, this could be due to the very vocal minority, but it seems to me that there is a deep resentment of the iPad present in a big chunk of the Android community. Possibly a seething, fuming rage. Personally, I don’t take these things to heart; I just like cool products. For some of you, that puts me in the same boat as the Gestapo, Jeffrey Dahmer, or even Justin Bieber. Nooooooooooo! (Disclaimer: I don’t really know who Justin Bieber is. I saw him flipping his hair around on a television at the mall and realized it’s the same bubblegum bopper that’s getting so much mainstream buzz online. I repeat: I do not know anything about him, except that he is pure evil.) Anyway, It looks like those of you who take the us vs. them attitude towards tech will soon have a major player in the tablet ring: Gemini.

This thing seemingly has everything that the iPad doesn’t, in terms of specs, that is. A front-facing cam for video chat, Flash support, and a Teagra 2 chipset! This tablet, as Engadget puts it, is ready to chew through 1080p video. And, since it runs Android, it will be a multi-tasking monster from the get-go. Check out a spec chart over at Engadget.


Via Engadget