Incredible car dock and belt clip Combo

IMAG0093I’m in my car, in the Verizon parking lot, stealing WiFi from some random person, so I don’t have long before the Feds are on my trail.  I just wanted to get these images up.

Here’s what I know:

  • The phone snaps into a belt clip style holster
  • The clip can rotate 360 degrees
  • The holster has a “T” slot, on the clip, that slides onto a “T” fitting(?) (like some GPS/Sat Radio)
  • That “T” fitting has a ball end that fits into a socket, providing some rotation
  • The socket is attached to an arm that has two pivot points
  • The arm is attached to a suction cup (I think it’s too small)

Between the swivel clip, ball & socket, and the pivot points, you should be able to position the device however you please…horizontal, vertical, up-side down, whatever.  I believe the price tag said $29.99.  I didn’t get a close look.  There are other, cheaper, universal solutions on the market, but none are as sleek and form fitting as this one.