Incredible Cases

Screen shot 2010-04-29 at 12.52.54 AMI know I’ve already written a post about accessories for the Incredible, but I wanted to show off all of the cases available.  In my opinion, the sweetest one is the black/red gradient snap case (seen on the right).  However, that cases doesn’t show up on the VZW accessory site.  Regardless, check out the other snap cases available right now!

There are several standard snap-on cases, along with two belt clip cases (far left two).  Also available are three, leather, pouches.

Verizon lists many other accessories for the device.  However, most of them are generic headsets and chargers.  I’m excited to see the car and home docks, when they’re released.  I’m hoping to get a hands-on with them, once they’re available.


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