Intel looking to put Android inside


When the first Android launched, it came packing a 500MHz processor (under-clocked to a little over 300). These days, if a device launches without a Snapdragon 1GHz processor, everyone is ready to toss it aside right off the bat. Could you even imagine if Android devices started shipping with a 1.66GHz processor? That’s what Intel plans to start doing with Atom based phones starting as soon as possible. According to Renee James of Intel, they are “enabling all OSes for Atom phones.” Android has already been successfully ported to smart phones equipped with Atom processors, and there may already be super secret buyers ready to bite. Intel had a little tweaking to do considering that Android was originally made to run on Arm RISC processors, not x86 like the Atom. Fortunately for us, open source strikes again. Unfortunately for us, aside from what you read above, no one knows much more than this right now. It seems the internet has been really bad at keeping secrets lately so hopefully we will know more before too long. After using a G1 for so long now, anything with a Snapdragon feels like hand-held lightning. Trying to picture a phone with an Intel Atom… well, these are the things dreams are made of.

BGR Via PC World