Is this square Motowhat for real?

motowhatI’m not sure what to think about this photo. It came to me mysteriously with a tip that it’s supposed to be launched in May. My first impression is that it looks way too banged up to be some hot new device. Then again, my source says his buddy’s dad works for Motorola and let his son take the phone to school, who, in turn, lent the phone to my source to be used as a calculator on a math test, which would explain the condition of the phone, but… Really? I don’t think you’re supposed to hand out top secret products to kids like that. Anyway, if it’s real, it’s pretty interesting: a square slider with Android 2.1, Motoblur, and either a 3.2 or 5MP cam. On the other hand, someone could just be having a bit of fun with a photo editor as well as a website editor. Time will tell. Anyone have anything on this one?

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