Official Twitter for Android app Released

ss-timelineA couple of weeks back, Twitter made a surprising move by purchasing a very popular iPhone Twitter client.  On the same day they also released an official Blackberry app.

Today they announced the official Android app.  Based on the screenshots and blog post, it has all of the basic features you’d be looking for in a Twitter client.  Twitter worked directly with the Android team to develop this app and it includes some pretty neat features, like the QuickContact bar.  Here’s the downside:  The app is only available for Android 2.1 and up.  I wonder if Twitter knows that they are missing out on 73% of Android devices.

When apps work well with each other, sharing becomes as second nature on machines as it does in person. The Android platform is really good at that, and we’ve worked with the Android team to make it super easy to share what’s happening. Today we are excited to announce that Twitter for Android is available in Android Market!

While this is the official app, there is still plenty of room for third-party developers.  Especially if they support Android 1.5+.

Source: Twitter Blog