One Rhapsody for Android beta ends; A new one Begins

Rhapsody recently launched their official Android client in the form of a public beta.  This is awesome news for Rhapsody fans, myself included.  The app is currently trending with four stars in the Market.  I was fortunate enough to be part of the private beta.  While there were some ups and downs (i.e. complete lack of communication for two week, while the app was 100% broken for Hero/Eris), in the end the beta worked out well.  The app is still missing a couple key features.

For starters, you cannot listen to Artist Radio stations unless they are key artist within their genre.  To be honest, this is why I use the Last.FM app.  I don’t want to fuss with picking songs and making a playlist.  I want to choose a band and have the service pick some contemporary artists.  The existing genre based stations are too broad.

Another feature that’s missing is the ability download music to the device for offline listening.  This is a key feature of their PC client.  Even some MP3 players also support the Rhapsody copy-protected music format.  This is part of the subscription service and the tracks only work maximum number of devices you’ve authorized.  My opinion is that this would be a win-win for the user and Rhapsody.  The user wouldn’t have to to worry about having a data connection and it would take a bit of burden off of Rhapsody’s servers.  According to their official YouTube channel, this feature is “coming soon”.

That being said, there is hope.  Today I received an email thanking me for being part of the private beta.  The email goes on to talk about future beta testing for the app.  There was a lot of chatter on Rhapsody’s Get Satisfaction support site about the features I mentioned above (and others).  Hit the link below to sign up for the future beta.

We have successfully launched our Android™ app. The Beta version is now available in the Android Market™ – and it’s all thanks to you!

As a sign of our appreciation, below is a $5 coupon that you can redeem now or apply to your account for later use.

To be included in future testing of the Android app, click the link and provide your updated contact information. You must provide updated information in order to participate going forward.

Thanks again,
The Rhapsody Team

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