Rhapsody for Android now available

beckRhapsody, an online music service that has been accessible for iPhone owners for some time, has finally made its way into the Android Market. And while I’ve read multiple reports that the program has graduated from beta stage, I have yet to see a final release in my Market. Whether or not you want to pay $9.99 a month for unlimited access to Rhapsody’s formidable catalog, you’ll have to present a credit card up front to experience the full functionality of the program. The application, like the Rhapsody website, offers a fourteen day trial. But don’t think you’ve found a loophole, students. Promotional trials (like those included with some textbooks and tuition) are not eligible for Android use. You’ve got to be prepared to cough up the $10, no matter what your current account situation is. Hitting the back button when prompted to register will allow you 30 second samples of virtually any song, but that’s it.

$10 a month for unlimited music? I really do love Rhapsody’s service, but personally, I can’t really justify that kind of expense right now – at least not on a recurring basis. But maybe it’s worth paying for a single month of use if a video review comes out of it. Stay tuned, because I’m plugging in the 16 digits.

Via PhoneScoop