The Saturday Wrap: 04/03/10

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Good day, everyone. Did you all get your loved ones good this April Fool’s Day? I skipped the festivities this year, but did enjoy what I consider to be the best prank I saw: Google’s Translate for Animals. Great app.

Sony Ericsson X10a

This week was all about SE’s X10, for me. I posted part 2 and part 3 of my questions and requests series, and packed a few more answers in with my review of the phone’s camera. You’ll find video and still photo samples from the X10 at that last link. For those of you who missed them, check out my unboxing and first questions and requests vid. The latest we’ve heard about the phone, which is about to launch in Canada, is that SE is working on a software update, but it will never, ever see multi-touch capabilities.


I was super happy to learn that Digg launched their official Android app this week. I’ve been waiting a long time for that one – even longer than I’ve been waiting for TweetDeck, which made another round in the “someday” mill this week, right along side Fennec. A new TweetCaster update hit the Market, and Mr. Carlos was good enough to capture it on video for all of us. I also took a look at an app called JuiceDefender that successfully manages connectivity in order to prolong battery life.


What? The Droid 2.1 update was actually released? Oh…yeah. (I’m frustrated as a guy who wanted to cover the OTA, not as a user.)

Phones ‘n Stuff

The word is out on Verizon’s Incredible. The only question is, “WHEN!?” Man, I want to try that phone. Noah unboxed the Legend this week, and while I admit that it is one gorgeous chunk of kit, it’s really not much of an object of lust, for me. I have an N1, so I need to see some pretty decent specs to get very excited. But I do recognize what a nice handset Legend is for a certain market. I’m having a much more difficult time understanding Dell’s Aero, but so is everyone else. Am I taking the easy way out of analyzing that one? Meh.

Hacks & Mods

Both the Legend and Desire were rooted this week, which is great news for folks who don’t dig Sense (though I don’t understand them, I’m glad that two phones were potentially just added to want lists). For those of us who love HTC’s software design but can’t stop tweaking, check out this post on theming the Sense virtual keyboard.

Before I get back to work on a video I’m shooting today, I want to point out Andrew Steffy’s video in which he beats the Guinness World Record for speed texting with Swype. I’m not sure what the rules were for the official record holder in terms of knowing the phrase for practice, but no matter what, Steffy is super fast.

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