The Saturday Wrap: 04/10/10

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I was hoping to be posting on my Nexus One car dock today, but it looks like it will have to wait until Monday. If you would like to order your own, Google has them in stock.

Phones, Gadgets, and Whatnot

I’ve got a pretty long list of devices that we learned about or gained new information on over the past week, but I think the one that’s getting the most attention is HTC’s Incredible. The user guide, equipment guide, and a sexy render were all leaked in the past few days. And it looks like we’ll get full details come April 29th.

Desire’s guide was leaked as well, and the phone is now available unlocked from across the pond.

I had a pretty decent leak about a square Motorola slider, which I can tell you is real, and is rumored to be launched on May 25th. An athlete’s friend called the Sagem Puma will be hitting the States next half, and Korea is getting a new LG and Moto. We also got a snap of the Moment 2.

I know some of those devices have been around for a while, but I hadn’t seen much on them. Here are a few that are all well documented but poped up in the news this week: myTouch Slide, Nexus for VZW, EVO.

A few other stories worth checking out:

ICD Gemini
People of Lava
Sharp ISO1
HTC dual screen
beTouch? That’s a lame name
Eris EOL
Archos 7 passes FCC


Motorola Cliq owners will be happy to know that a pretty major update – though not a firmware upgrade – is currently available. Droid owners should have received theirs by now. And Moment owners who aren’t in the mood to hack (video), can see a leak of a candidate for their next update.


Vonage released an official VoIP app, and it’s appropriately polished and usable – as is Rhapsody’s more expensive entry into the Market. Remember TwitterRide? It’s now called TweetsRide, and Carlos made a video review of it. He also reviewed the official XDA app. Those of you who aren’t running warehouses might be interested in the coming of a Netflix app and the benefits of buying your music through Amazon.

Time for me to go, but I can’t help but wondering how so many of you are having problems with your Nexus when mine kicks so much ass. I would say that it’s time to hack, but chipping paint, a none-too-sensitive screen? What are you guys putting your phones through?