The Saturday Wrap: 04/17/10

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This week’s big Andfroid news was, of course, Verizon’s announcement of the HTC Incredible And while there have been rumors of the device turning up on other networks, Big Red is the only carrier that will have them by the end of the month.

I should also mention that DroidDog just gave away another hacked G1! Stay tuned for more, folks. I’m not sure what it will be or when, be there will be another gadget up for grabs before too long.

Phones and Tablets

When we weren’t talking about the myTouch Slide, phones across the pond and up in the Great White North, this week was all about tablets. Leaks of Dell’s 7 and 10″ beauties were overshadowed only by WePad, which wound up in a lot of articles about killing iPads. Hmm.


Cyanogen Mod was updated to 5.0.6, and Carlos dutifully put together a video review on the changes. Check it out. A chart of Motorola’s planned updates for the year was released, upsetting as many as it relieved, and Sprint Android fans have only to wait until next month for 2. 1. The N1 has some fixes on the way as well.


Check out Carlos’ video review on Touiteur and Dustin’s look at UStream Broadcaster. I’m out!