Themed Sense virtual keyboards

illusion A lot of you probably caught the news yesterday that gIMpSTa over at xda-developers released themed versions of the HTC IME (virtual QWERTY) for root users that can be flashed, as a zip, from recovery mode or be applied via the MetaMorph app (free and $1.00 donation versions available), which allows you to cherry pick elements from various themes and apply them individually. The first method installs an already themed app, while the second themes the one you have installed.

For the MetaMorph method to work, the keyboard must be installed in /system/app. Although this is the location of HTC_IME in MoDaCo ROMs, I consistently ran into problems. I got messages that the IME theme had been successfully applied, but the option to select it as an input simply disappeared. I thought flashing one via recovery would situate everything so I could then swap themes in MetaMorph, but that wasn’t the case. If you run into problems, go with the zip flashing technique, and all should be well. Remember to back everything up! Enter at your own risk.

EDIT: I’m told that non-rooted users can simply unzip the file for flashing and install HTC_IME.apk and Clicker.apk, as you would any other app but I havent’ tested it. Thank you, DannyDarko.

BTW, glance around that image to the right. Do you see black dots between the keys? Cool optical illusion, eh?

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