This phone is ridiculous

…ridiculously tempting. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the outlandishly frivolous Ulysse Nardin Chairman: a hybrid 10-key touchscreen. The first edition of 1,846 have sold out and another round is waiting at the gates of hell to be dispersed throughout the Universe. Infused with the souls of children and blood of angels, this wind-up watch inspired (and packing) masterpiece now features an 8MP cam (over the previous 5), has a larger, 3.2″ screen, and comes with 32GB of on-board storage. Included in the box, which I presume to be made of elephant tusk, sits a lacquered wood dock that charges the device while backing up all of its data. Be sure to check out all of the specs and color variations before sacrificing your firstborn. Priced between 12 and 50k.

ulysse-nardin-chairman (1)


Via Engadget