Updates, updates, updates

For those running non-hacked devices (a shrinking majority of our readers), updates are a topic of intense debate, anticipation, and frequently, frustration. From reportedly faulty Droid updates to fan pleasers like the recent Cliq fixer to the curiosity about pushing rooted Moments ahead of the curve, it’s clear that you all want information on the latest and greatest software updates. Well, I’ve got great news for you today…depending on how you look at it, I suppose. Rather, I’ve got information for you today: a sort of roadmap for Motorola updates (image below) followed by HTC’s response to an inquiry by This Android Life on the timeline for a GSM Hero update. Also see this link about the possibility of a major Nexus One update hitting the air.


And HTC’s response to GSM Hero querries:

“Thank you for your enquiry about rom upgrade

Some of the phones in our Android line up including your Hero are due to receive an upgrade, and it is scheduled to be released starting at the end of April. Your phone should be upgraded Over-The-Air. You can expect a pop-up message on your phone when connected to the internet once it is ready. When the upgrade is ready, we will notify you via our website and on various social media networks including Twitter and Face book.”

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