Sony Ericsson X10 camera review, final Q&A

This is the one I’ve been looking forward to. At times (due largely to buggy software that drapes a layer of meh atop what I suspect could be a great experience), Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 feels like a camera with a phone rather than a phone with a camera. In the video below I wrap up my *video* responses (more written to come) to your questions and requests before getting to the camera software.

After the break, check out the photo and video samples straight from the X10. For those who have asked: If I had to pick my two favorite features of the X10, it would be the camera (hard and software) and the media player, which I also covered tonight.

X10 video samples:

WVGA, outside, daylight:

WVGA, indoors, good lighting:

WVGA, indoors, dim lighting:

WVGA, “sports” mode for a motion test:

X10 still photo samples

I switched between various focus and scene settings depending on what seemed appropriate. The highest resolution setting, 8MP, was used for all still images. I did resize these for posting from 3264 x 2448 to 600 x 450 (landscape) and 600 x 800 (portrait).

Totally overcast:



Bright Sun, directly overhead:



A cool evening:




Sunset behind me:



Very dark room, photo light:


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