AMSI provides complete merchant solution

Those of you who want to sell your wares on the go and are beholden to the droid might have found yourselves in a bit of a tight spot when negotiating transactions in the past, either taking cash only or hauling around a laptop in order to use an online credit card processing service. But a company called Advanced Merchant Solutions, Inc. just made your mobile shop easier to manage and possibly more appealing to potential customers.

Released under the name MerchantAnywhere (time for a website makeover), a free app called Pocket Verifier, pictured below, allows you to process credit cards via your Android device and deposit the funds directly into your checking account. Not only that, but the company provides you with your own merchant account, so you don’t need to deal with the often lengthy application process, minimum transactions, and other fees associated with traditional solutions. You don’t need to set up your own gateway, either. So the company really does go a long way to lower the bar for those seeking to enter the marketplace and accept plastic. (cont.)


But there is more: AMSI is also selling a mobile card swiper/receipt printer combo that communicates with the app via Bluetooth, seen below. The Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum is currently priced at $299, down from $399. That does seem like a hefty tag, but considering the hassle you avoid by buying into a complete system, it could be a steal.


Via by way of MobileBlab