Another one bites the dust; Sprint opts-out for Nexus One

sprint20logo201With the HTC EVO 4G set to drop in about a month or so, it’s not surprising that Sprint has decided to not offer the Nexus One.  This comes just a couple of weeks after Verizon decided bump the Google Superphone, in favor of their very own Incredible.

You may say “Why did AT&T and T-Mobile go for the Nexus One?”.  In all honesty, they didn’t.  Google offers Nexus One variants that are compatible with said carriers.  They also struck a deal with T-Mobile to offer the phone at a subsidized price, but it’s still not officially a T-Mobile phone.  Neither T-Mobile or AT&T have another Android superphone in their line-up.  They probably welcome the addition, without having to pay for marketing, inventory, and the like.

It’s no doubt that the EVO 4G out-specs the Nexus One.  However, some folks may shy away from the HTC powerhouse due to its size or other factors.  The Nexus One has been on the market for several months now, and I would have expected it to drop in price closer to the launch of the EVO 4G.  If the EVO 4G debuts at $199, the Nexus One would have been a great alternative for $149.

Are you Sprint customer?  Were you waiting for the Nexus One or are you holding out for the EVO 4G?

Source: Gizmodo/Engadget/PhoneDog

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