Archos 7 Home Tablet up for pre-order at Amazon for $199.99

archos_a70k_tmp2Our friends, over at AndroidGuys (via CNET), are reporting that the new Archos 7 Home Tablet will be available in June.  However, if you head over to the Amazon pre-order page, it shows a May 27th release date.  I’m not sure which is right.  Amazon has been known to botch release dates or product info.  Suffice to say, the device is coming very soon.

Is this tablet the “iPad Killer”?  Not likely.  While this first “Home Tablet” is a step up from the Archos 5 Internet Tablet, it’s still underpowered at 600MHz and lacking several key features, like the Android Market.  It may be possible to hack this on, as with the Archos 5.  What this tablet does have going for it, is the price.  For $199.99 (8GB model) you get two more inches than its little brother for about $100 less.

If you can hold your breath a little bit longer (a.k.a. Summer), Archos will be releasing a whole line of tablets with 1GHz processors, a “richer set of features” and screens ranging from 3″ to 10″.

What are your thoughts on the tablet wars?  Is Archos on the right track?  What other tablets are you interested in?

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