UPDATE: Sprint HTC Hero OFFICIAL Android 2.1 update available…for real this time

Screen shot 2010-05-19 at 5.19.14 AM

UPDATE 10:15AM CDT: It’s live.

@Sprint: Android 2.1 now avail. for the HTC Hero! Details & instructions here – http://bit.ly/93pnqS. Many thanks to our customers for your patience.

UPDATE:  Sprint has updated their support page, but the update file is no where to be found.  The support page, linked below, has all of the update installation instructions though.  Prep your phone by backing up all of your contacts, email, and data.

The wait is over.  If you weren’t brave enough to install the previous leaked versions, your time has now come.  The build number is the same as the latest leak, so if you did install it, you’re probably okay.  But it might not hurt to run the update again.

Download it HERE.

Also, you can watch my Hero update installation “how-to” video here.

’nuff said.