Build native Android apps with JavaScript

DLOAD_createAre you a web developer and want to jump into Android app developmeent?  Titanium Mobile can help.  Titanium is a software development kit that allows you to create apps using JavaScript, HTML,  CSS and native APIs.  Then you can compile it across multiple mobile platforms.  It allows you to utilize native UI elements, so your apps have a consistent look & feel with the rest of the platform.  Testing your apps is easy and utilizes the native emulator, from each SDK (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry).

Check out titanium here.

You’ve got the ideas, now you’ve got the power. Titanium translates your hard won web skills into native applications that perform and look just like they were written in Objective-C [iPhone and iPad] or Java [Android]. With over 300 APIs, a thriving developer community, and the support you need, you can build applications that are more social, local, media rich, interactive, and extensible.

This MinneBar session was presented by @KevinWhinnery.