Dell Streaks tested in Seattle

Dell-StreakWe already knew that it’s big, and we knew it will ship with the Android Kindle app. And unlike the original source of these photos, we already knew it will come in a variety of colors, including red. We also knew that it has cleared the FCC with AT&T 3G bands, but one key bit of information we don’t have on Dell’s Streak – previously known as the Mini 5 – is exactly when it’s planned to drop.

And while we still don’t have a window more specific than late Summer, it’s good to see that someone was recently spotted out in the streets of Seattle, testing a handful of Streaks’ e-911 performance on AT&T’s network. The tester was apparently a bit nervous about having the photos taken, but I don’t think there are to many surprizes left up the Mini 5′s sleeve anyhow:



Via The Seattle Times by way of Android Community

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