enTourage and Douglas Stewart Co. bring dualbook to schools

edgeRemember enTourage Systems’ dual screen eDGe? If not, don’t feel bad. The device hasn’t been in the news much since CES in January. But there is fresh news this week, and it could be huge for the “industry’s first dualbook.”

Yesterday, enTourage Systems announced a partnership with The Douglas Stewart Company for the purpose of bringing the Edge directly to students for accessing over 200,000 items in the enTourage eDGe Store, including e-books and e-textbooks. (cont.)

As the press release states:

The two screens of the enTourage eDGe interact so that users can open hyperlinks that are included in an e-book text and view the content on the LCD screen, or ‘attach’ Web pages to passages in an e-book to be referenced at a later point. Additionally, as the enTourage eDGe uses E-Ink technology for easy digital reading, images will appear in gray-scale on the e-paper side of the device; however, users can load these in color on the LCD side, ideal for viewing colored charts and graphs from course materials.

Documents-to-Go software, along with a built-in cam and mic make this cool chunk of gear a pretty handy tool for students, though it does look a bit slow on the LCD side. eDGe starts at $449 with a price bump for different color selections.


Dimensions: 8.25″ x 10.75″ by 1.0″ (closed)

Weight: approx. 3 lbs.

Internal Memory: 4 GB (3 GB for user)

E-reader File Formats: ePub, PDF

LCD Touchscreen Display Size: 1024 x 600 (10.1″)

E-paper Display Size: 9.7″ e-Ink®(1200 x 825), 8 shades of gray

E-paper Input: Wacom® Penabled®

Operating System: Linux with Google® Android®

Screen Rotation: 90 and 180 degrees

Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth capability

Battery Life: 16+ hours utilizing the e-reader screen / up to 6 hours running the LCD screen

Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer

External Memory: SD card slot, 2 USB ports

Audio and Microphone Jack: 3.5 mm each. Includes internal microphone and speakers.

Audio playback: MP3, WAV, 3GPP, MP4, AAC, OGG, M4A

Video playback: 3GP, MP4, Adobe Flash Lite (H.264)

Via Android Guys