Garminfone. T-Mobile. June. $200.

That’s $200 with a new contract and qualifying plan, $450 outright. T-Mobile has bundled some services and apps together, but underneath, this one has all of the features of a Garmin Navigation unit that you would find in a car and will be controlled via a 3.5″ touch screen.

Can Garmin compete with Google in the cell phone navigation department? After five-and-a-half days of driving across the country relying solely on an HTC Incredible for navigation, I have to say that Google’s system, while not perfect, is quite reliable and user-friendly. I already knew that but the trip was a good opportunity for thorough testing in different areas. Of course I have to mention integration with other Google services – primarily, all of the business data included with Google maps. In the end, I think that’s where Google has the old car navigation units beat. It will be interesting to see what Garmin has in store for their next generation of nav units, starting with the Garminfone.


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