Google grabs BumpTop

Some of you will remember the goofy yet informative video embedded below. It caused a big splash on social news sites like Digg a few years ago, but the general public hasn’t heard much about the 3-dimensional, gesture-based GUI since. But BumpTop was catapulted into the mainstream tech consciousness in a major way on May 1st when Wellington Financial reported that BumpTop was being acquired by Internet an OS giant, Google.

It is unknown at this point what Google will do with the software or the team responsible for creating it, but it is tempting to consider how this technology could be implemented in ChromeOS; for organizing documents, photos, email, etc., stored online. Of course, there is a chance that Android could see some resulting UI changes down the road, but I’m leaning towards ChromeOS with BumpTop.

If you want to try BumpTop on your Windows or Mac computer, you had better get to it. The free version of the software will only be available for one more week.

Via Mashable

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