Google I/O Day 2 Keynote and wrap-up

io-logoGoogle I/O has, once again, come and gone.  Over 5,000 developers descended upon the Moscone Center in San Francisco to learn about the platforms and products that Google has to offer.  There were dozens of sessions spread over the two-day conference.  Both days were kicked off with a keynote.  The Day 1 Keynote focused on HTML5 and the future of the web.  Check out my post here.

The Day 2 Keynote, or “the most important news ever” as I like to call it, was all about Android.  In the first half, Vic Gundotra (VP of Engineering, Google) talked about the new features that are available in Android 2.2 (a.k.a. FroYo) and future versions of Android.  Some of the highlights include the ability to install apps to the SD card, “auto update” & “update all” options in the Market, and USB tethering & hotspot options (governed by the carrier).  You can read John’s FroYo post for a full report.  Also, you can download the latest version of the SDK here.

The other big announcement to come out of Google I/O was the launch of Google TV.  Unlike OTHER appliances devoted to merging the interwebz and your home theater system, Google TV is more of a middleware solution.  You connect your digital cable box or satellite receiver to the Google TV Companion Box.  Then connect the Companion Box to your TV.  It’s designed to enhance your experience, not replace it.  With Quick Search you can find your favorite shows on live TV, your DVR, or across the web.  What’s great about Google TV is that it has full web access, including Flash 10.1 support.  To top it off, it’s based on Android 2.1 and can run most of the apps in the Android Market.  Check out my full G0ogle TV post.

If you missed the live broadcast, here is the first part of the Day 2 Keynote.  You can watch entire playlist here.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention that every attendee of I/O received a HTC EVO 4G…for free.  This is in addition to the Nexus One/Droid they received before the event.  Needless to say, I’m going to Google I/O next year.  Although, I said that last year when they gave Google IONs (HTC Magic/myTouch) to the attendees.