Hero coming to Cox Cellular?

COX_RES_CMYK_copy.137200113_stdWith Cox planning a cellular service, geeks in potential markets have been guessing at what kind of devices can be expected if/when (the cable giant has had a bit of a bumpy ride getting into the cell game) the service finally launches.

Well, Android Central has plenty of evidence (hit the link for photos) to suggest that customers will see an HTC Hero that’s pretty much identical to Sprint’s version of the device. All that’s missing is Sprint’s brand.

AC cautions that this could be a network testing unit, but with a Cox boot screen and no Sprint logo, I find that scenario hard to swallow. It also should be mentioned that this phone was purchased on CraigsList for $230. It’s not rocking EV-DO (yet) but I’m going to join in and say that this looks legit.

Via Android Central

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