HTC EVO 4G: June 4th

htc-evo-4g-01-topThose of you that read Breon Nagy’s super informative “Everything EVO” post already know this but I think a little reminder is in order: The EVO will be available in Sprint stores in a little over two weeks, and I’m guessing that a big chunk of our readers are planning on jumping ship, ready to sign the dotted line in order to get their hands on what appears to be the most robust Android thus far.

Aside from the monstrous specs, this is Sprint’s first WiMAX phone, and there will always be a group of guinea pigs willing to test the waters in the name of bleeding edge tech. I had some negative experiences with early WiMAX while testing Samsung’s Mondi. That was quite a few months ago and things should have improved. Still, I’m content to sit back and observe consumer satisfaction levels before doing anything rash.

EVO will be $199 on a new contract after $100 mail in rebate.