HTC’s Aria for AT&T

att-logoRight around the same time that Aaron of PhoneDog posted on a tip about a new Android packing 2.1 and Sense headed for AT&T, the Nexus One with AT&T band support was missing from the phone store. I was able to get all the way up to the “confirm order” page just now for the device (I’m not going any farther than that for a post), so it looks like the AT&T N1′s absence was just a coincidence.

I wouldn’t be surprized if Aria turns out to be a rebranding of an Android we already know, and for AT&T’s sake, I hope it is running 2.1 and Sense. But could this be the AT&T exclusive that the company promised a few months ago? Ma Bell is pretty far behind in the Android game, and they need a true flagship Google phone like last year. Word is that we’ll find out what they have in store (literally) on June 7th.

Via PhoneDog