Incredible rooted, shipments delayed [UPDATE]

incredible-rootUPDATE: Someone might have lied on the Internet. Check out the thread over at xda where at least one of those named on the paper shown in the “root photo” are saying that it’s totally bogus, citing evidence against authenticity. The delay in shipments, however, is the real deal. [END UPDATE]

While Verizon has pushed the ship date back for HTC’s Droid Incredible once again, this time to June 22nd, folks from xda developers have – as has come to be expected for every new Android – attained root.

Gaining root access to an operating system gives hackers entrance to controls and functions that are generally protected from the average user. It is the first step in achieving other hacks, and facilitates use of “root only” apps in the Market. No instructions on the procedure have been posted at this time, but you can bet on performance tweaks like improved battery life, changes in the interface, and an early peak at upcoming Android features by way of cooked ROMs in the very near future.

Via Phandroid and Android Central