Is this Gingerbread (Screenshots)?

During the second keynote at Google I/O Vic Gundotra talked briefly about what’s next for Android, beyond Froyo. He showed how you’ll be able to stream music from your PC and a new voice search feature. Anybody familiar with the media player on Android can quickly notice that the one they showed has nothing to do with the current one. This new one is  a mix between the Gallery app and the Weather and News app. You can swipe left and right to move between tabs and it looks much slicker overall. There’s no doubt this is the Music app since the Googler clicks the Music icon in the homescreen.

Maybe the dessert-inspired version names are not randomly assigned. If you think about it, Froyo is all about speed and Froyo (the dessert) is a very light dessert. On the other hand, Gingerbread is not light all, it’s heavy and beautifully adorned, just google “gingerbread house”.

You can watch the keynote here, skip to 20:00 and 30:00 to see “Gingerbread” in action. What do you think, is this Gingerbread? Or maybe is just the new media player and they’ll update it soon via the Market (remember they’re moving those apps to the Market to address fragmentation).