Is this T-Mobile US’ Galaxy S? UPDATE

tmo galaxy sThis is another one of those posts that could be way off the mark, but it could be right on. Howard Chui from recently posted a video walkthrough of the Samsung Galaxy S. If you will kindly take note of the icons in the screen shot to the right, you’ll notice there are a couple recognizable icons there, icons that are commonly found on T-Mobile US Android devices. I’ve looked through several Galaxy S videos from CTIA and none of the demos show these icons in the app tray, only this video. According to Android Guys, T-Mobile’s “Project Emerald” is a device launch, more specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S. Adding those facts together means that this video featuring the Galaxy S could very well be a T-Mobile version of the device. Is there something you know that I don’t? Does more than one carrier use these visual voicemail, TMO contact, and my account icons? Sound off and let me know how wrong/ right I am and just exactly how excited you are; @DustinEarley

View the video here.


This simple observation seems to have started to catch fire overnight. There are several other sites reporting this same news… I think this is the real deal. TmoNews had this to say:

The most obvious cause for rumor is the “Media Server Name” with the designation T-959. Phones produced by Samsung for T-Mobile are always designated T-XX9. The last digit is usually a pretty clear indicator that the device is heading the magenta way.

That’s really all I need. It’s sad that T-mobile’s big Project Emerald had already been busted out, but then again, maybe it’s not. Who knows right? I know one thing for sure, T-Mo could use the press.