John’s first taste of Froyo (with Andrew) [update]

While some of you have been ardent vanilla Android fans for the long haul, like Nicole, I’ve been a pretty die hard Sense fanatic since…well, the launch of the GSM Hero. The keyboard has played a major part in that, but I also like the look and feel of the entire UI as well as the social integration. These things have made me very loyal to Sense and are why I’ve been running MoDaCo’s Desire ROM on my N1 since the day I rooted it.

Despite my Sense fanboyism of the past, flashing the Android 2.2 ROM has caused me to fall back in love with vanilla Android, and madly. There aren’t that many changes in terms of the UI but there are enough for it to feel fresh, and the new features – even just the few that I cover here – have me ogling and caressing my old N1 like it was straight out tha box.

I thought I should make a sort of overview video of the changes most important to the average user, and then go just a bit more in depth for the rest of you with short clips and screen grabs. I haven’t covered absolutely every feature we learned about at I/O, but this is a good start. You’ll also find three vids by Andrew Steffy on Froyo. Hope you like.


UPDATE: Pinch-to-Zoom Previews in the Gallery

Correction to what I say at the end of the video: This is the coolest method of displaying photos on a phone that I have ever seen, no question. Thanks to @nickerrides for making me aware of this.

Flash: Here’s the video I mention in my own video, where Flash destroys the Internet.

Restoration of Apps (No data just yet):


App Updates: All can be updated at once and you can authorize apps individually to auto-update.


Search: Google’s search widget can now rifle through contacts, the web, your apps, or all of these things. There are 4 different flavors of the widget at this point.


Recent Apps: (8 columns instead of 6)


Wi-Fi speed test for…those who want it:


Andrew Steffy’s review (3 videos):